Studio Miranda is the online home of Robynn Weldon, purveyor of fine wordsmithery and design services.

Editing and layout are my business, with almost 20 years of experience in professional publishing (including work at The Observer, on a range of craft and business magazines, and for many and varied private clients). Knitting is my passion. It has led me to start online shop Purlescence (now in other, very capable hands), to create my own designs, and to work with other designers on their layout challenges.  

I am always thrilled to work with fellow crafters. If I can help you with your layout or copywriting, if you need a teacher or would like to collaborate on a design project, please email me. 

I send out a newsletter twice a month, sharing my inspirations and my work. You can also find me on RavelryInstagram and Pinterest. And of course I keep a blog, right here, with tutorials and design updates.

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