Warm, fast and fun: Wraparound Cowl

This is one of those patterns that have been held up far too long by the need for pictures. As a partner to my Wraparound mitts, published a full year ago, it should have been out for ages already! Well, here we are at last, and I hope you haven't done anything with whatever's left over from those mitts you certainly have made (go on, lie, for the sake of my feelings), because here's that leftover yarn's new destiny.

Like the mitts, the Wraparound cowl is a quick and satisfying knit despite the fine yarn – even easier than the mitts (no thumb shaping!), very intuitive, and the increases/decreases create a pleasing shape that naturally conforms to your body, dipping down in front and back, and lifting gently over the shoulders. (Some people have found it's great worn as a headband, with those dips turned to cover the ears!)

Unlike the mitts, it uses two not-so-common techniques: the oddly named Chinese waitress cast-on and the (more familiar) I-cord cast-off. Tutorials for both are included in the pattern, and will be published here over the next week. 

Thanks to all those slipped stitches, and a very intuitive pattern, you can conjure this up in no time from about half a skein of sock yarn. So if you're starting to feel the autumn chill and need something to tuck inside your coat? You know what to do.


(Oh, and just by the way... you can get both patterns, cowl and mitts, for $6. The discount will be applied automatically, and will also apply if you've already bought the mitts.)