Giftalong time is here again...

I'm a bit behind on this, thanks to a Mystery Fever of Doom that has had me down and out for weeks now (getting better slowly, thanks), but yes: it's Giftalong time again! 

What it is, is a great big end-of-year Ravelry party. Starts with a week of discounts on patterns from participating designers – until Friday you can get 25% off any of my own paid patterns using the code giftalong2015, or browse the rest of the sale patterns here. (Same code works for everyone. And that bundle is a marvellously useful thing, since you can use advanced search to find exactly what you need – a worsted weight hat pattern using less than 200m of yarn, say? – from the thousands of patterns on offer.) But it's much more than that. Until the end of December the GAL group is hopping with chatter and knit- or crochetalongs in various categories (eg baby, neckwear, garments etc). Great for motivation to get your gift knitting done, and there are tons of prizes to add to the fun.

Last year, although I hadn't planned on doing anything much, I ended up making a cowl, a pair of socks, three hats, and Emily's fabulous Hap Cardigan, which has been amazingly useful this autumn. This year, dealing as I am with lingering exhaustion and backlog of work from this thrice-cursed fever, I won't be so productive. But I do have some GAL-related blog content lined up; stay tuned for selected highlights of the GAL patterns, and interviews with a number of interesting designers.