My GAL favourites – still 25% off for one more day!

Well, I haven't done too well on my promise to share my GAL highlights with you, thanks to that lingering illness. (Latest verdict? Probably something in the rickettsia family, which means my doctor friend was right with her tickbite guess – as unseasonal and unlikely as it seems to me. At any rate, fever's gone but I'm not getting better fast.) ANYhoo enough whining. Let me show you some awesomeness before the discount runs out (midnight tomorrow, US EST, which is in the wee hours of Saturday for us Europeans): these are my very favourite favourites.

The most irresistibly whimsical!

GAL always introduces me to a few designers who simply make me laugh out loud. These are they.

The ones I most want to actually wear right now please

My sweater knitter roots are showing. If I hadn't been so pressed for time in recent years, I guarantee some of these would already be on me.

The sweetest kids' knits

I have to point out, this category is somewhat understocked, not because there's a dearth of talent – quite the opposite. It's purely personal. I've been slightly sick of kids' knitting lately, and with my energy low as it is, my GAL highlights were the ones that grabbed me on a very basic level – I simply wasn't up for making more strategic choices. So, since I am not in a kids' knits mood, there isn't much of that here. But if you happen to be looking for kids' patterns, I know you'll find plenty of great ones.

The most winning wraps

Shawls and cowls and colour and lace... this is the knitting I want to play with.

The best last-minute gift solutions

These are all both fast and fabulous – dive right in! 

The ones most likely to actually make it into my project basket

Some of the above also fall into this category… but it's always a crapshoot, isn't it? Regardless: these are all more or less in my queue, some have been there for Quite Some Time, and I'd really, reeeally love to actually make them, if I could just get this few extra hours per day.

And finally

What have I actually cast on for the GAL? 

On the Bias cowl by Kelene Kinnersly. It's another of those wonderfully simple comfort knits: just garter stripes, enlivened with a bunch of eyelets and some unstriped welts – and, of course, bias shaping. Perfect for the delicious but difficult yarn I wanted to use, and perfect for my low energy levels. With my glorious new olive needles, it's making me pretty happy.