Introducing Konstanz, just in time for autumn!

It's hard to believe in autumn, sitting here on yet another sweltering evening, but I am assured it's happening. Tomorrow is set to drop to 25ºC (shivers!), with temps hovering around 18-20º thereafter. 

I can't wait.

I love autumn. I'm a big fan of sunlight, truly, but not so much the heat – and we've had a lot of heat this year. Lovely cool, grey, misty days, however, with the tang of woodsmoke in the air and a few golden leaves bestrewing the footpaths... why yes, thank you. That will do very nicely.

I'm celebrating the change of season with 20% off my scarf patterns on Ravelry – because chilly air means cold necks, and because whaddya know, I've just released a scarf pattern.

Tell you a secret: I made this scarf about 8 years ago.

Always meant to write it up and publish the pattern, but there's been a chronic shortage of round tuits. Finally located one (not a reliable supply, alas, but one is a start) and here we are.

Of course the original yarn (a delicious pure cashmere DK from Knitwitches) has long since been discontinued. Never mind; it will work beautifully in any number of yarns, though I do recommend finding something luxuriously soft. (Even a small amount will do – you can make this very well as a cowl, and yes, instructions for that option are included.) Try it in fingering weight, or aran; in wool or alpaca or silk... this is a very forgiving pattern. You might even find it's a chronic stasher's best friend.

If it's not your neck that needs warming, but your little one's, don't forget I have two kids' patterns that could help (and they're each part of a set, so the discount will get you more than just a scarf!). The Wiggly Warmers and Kissable scarfy solutions are both designed to tackle the problem of toddlers pulling their scarves right off at the first opportunity. And they're pretty fun to make, too.

BYESUMMER... hello knitting season!