Some thoughts on the possibility of the existence of mornings

1. Mornings suck.

2. Actually, early mornings, when a person is forced to experience them, are pretty darn fantastic. We all know this is so, even though we don't actually act on the knowledge, because that would be madness, ie it would require getting up.

3. Any number of worthwhile and much desired things – morning pages, creative work, exercise – can best be accomplished first thing in the morning, before anyone else is up, before you've been exhausted by the day. Time and again, what I hear from people who Get Stuff Done is that they get it done first thing in the morning.

4. "Too bad that's not an option for me," I always think. "Since baby wakes up before sparrowfart, well I'd have to wake up BEFORE before sparrowfart, and that's just ridiculous."

5. Baby is not really a baby any more and has finally been more or less taught to more or less sleep until 6.10am (still working on pushing that on a bit to maybe 6.30 or so).

6. It's not entirely beyond the bounds of reasonable expectation that I should wake up at 5am. I mean. It's a horrible, horrible thought, and yet see #2.

7. What would I do with those mornings? I'd be winning maybe just an extra hour or so, and I'd have to compensate by going to bed earlier, so I'd lose out on nighttime hours. Probably I'd lose out on more hours because I don't usually get up (or at least stay up) when toddler wakes up; I hand over to Daddy, or I go back to bed for a bit when Daddy finally wakes up. If I don't do that, I will need a much earlier bedtime.

8. I might still do that. Why not? That's possible.

9. But if I didn't do that, we could have better family mornings, and my kids wouldn't be growing up with me modelling a useless lazy life.

10. Hard truth: I go back to bed sometimes as much to escape my children as to actually get more sleep. Otherwise it's all, the whole day, just Too. Much. Children. Yes, I'm a terrible mother. 

11. I could also escape my children by going for a run, once A is awake. That could work. Theoretically.

12. Mornings might, in fact, be conceivable.

I'm not saying anything, you understand. I'm just... saying.