Meet Growltiger

I did say I was going to give up kids' knits, didn't I? But only after this one... I couldn't resist the chance to make an adorable kitty hat, which just so happens to have a scarf conveniently attached. You see here two of my addictions, when it comes to kid stuff: animal ears, and multitasking accessories that (a) save precious seconds when struggling to get the whole family bundled up warm and out the door, and (b) reduce the chances of a scarf being lost or abandoned.

This was actually made for my toddler, but Elfling (who arguably had the greater need) commandeered it immediately. (Since then it keeps going back and forth – they both love it.) And she's easier to direct in a photo shoot. So it's shown in toddler size on a 6-year-old... which is not ideal, but on the plus side, observe that it won't be outgrown too quickly!

Growltiger is a very easy project. Start at the crown with a Turkish cast-on (unusual but super-simple – a tutorial is included, and coming to the blog in a few days) and work down in the round until some simple shaping at the nape sends rib columns dancing off to the sides to become a scarf. A little bit of basic embroidery transforms the bag-shaped hat into a cat and you're done!

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