Introducing Pravigan

Mothers don't have favourites, right? We love all our children equally – differently, but equally – and the same naturally goes for our creative children. 

Of all my Lost in the Woods designs, Pravigan is the favourite I don't have. 

Brioche knitting, especially two-colour brioche, is deeply satisfying, on every level. The stitches are worked in a satisfying rhythm. The fabric is satisfyingly squooshy. The aesthetic effect is satisfyingly layered, and reversible, and detailed, and really rather magical. And working that magic is a satisfying challenge.

Pravigan, being an oversized two-colour brioche scarf worked at lace gauge in mohair, is definitely a challenge. It demands your full attention. It demands endless patience, and perhaps forgiveness, if you have to rip back to fix a mistake not that I'd know anything about that ahem ahem. But it's so rewarding. 

It's also absolutely possible for a brioche novice to handle, if you're adventurous. I should know: it's my own first brioche project. With Emily's help, I've produced a very thorough primer on two-colour brioche knitting, which is included with the pattern: more than just a photo tutorial, it includes a small sampler pattern to help you internalise the structure of brioche knitting, and practise the shaping stitches, before tackling them in mohair. You're welcome.