Introducing Unterholz

Today it's my turn to release a pattern from Lost in the Woods. This is Unterholz; a cowl for the changing seasons. I use colour-shifting yarns and a layered, textural stitch pattern to suggest the secrets and surprises you'll find in the forest then, whether the green buds of spring or multicoloured drifts of fallen leaves. This stitch (adapted from lotus stitch) is a little fiddly to work at first but you'll soon get into it, and I found it highly addictive – it's so rhythmic and the fabric so deliciously squooshy!

Unterholz (meaning scrub, or brushwood) uses two colours of yarn in any weight – or two balls of a single colour-changing yarn, as shown in the chunky version above. I love how the colour plays against itself when doing this, sometimes revealing a contrast and sometimes blending together – very autumnal! If you use a bright solid underneath a variegated upper layer, you get stronger pops of colour coming through, which I used in fingering weight to suggest those amazing knots of green that appear as the forest bursts into spring. 

You can see, in the folds shown in this picture, how the top yarn almost floats on the surface… I had so much fun getting this stitch pattern just right. It's one of those cases where the finished pattern is deceptively simple, but getting to those eight perfect pattern rows was an adventure! And see how beautiful the wrong side is…

The pattern includes full guidance on substituting any weight of yarn, making it a great stashbuster. I can't wait to see what you do with it. 

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