5 picks 3.6.2016

1. Shannon Okey flashed this T-shirt on Twitter and it is my everything. 

© Gargantua

2. Read this beautiful, eloquent piece on language. I am now the mother in this story. I am painfully conscious of how lack of mastery of German undermines my authority with the neighbourhood kids. (Or at the very least, undermines my confidence with them.) I'm trying so hard. But it is so hard.

3. Jennifer Wood's Murron shawl is so graceful. A perfect wedding shawl.

© Jennifer Wood

4. I keep meaning to make a tea cosy. This might be the pattern that gets me to actually do it. (Although I think, like every other pattern, it's for a smaller teapot than mine...)

© Julie Richards

5. I've been having fun looking at online colour tools. (Any recommendations?) Most palette creators, if you upload an image, deliver a set of 5 shades that may or may not have any relation to the colours that actually attracted you in that photo. Adobe's Color CC is the most flexible – you can drag little spotlights onto exactly the right shade and so line up your own palette. But I also got a kick out of PaletteFX, which serves up a LOT of colours – not so useful if you're looking to make a balanced, limited palette, but looks cool and an easy way to get values for any of the main shades. (There's even an icon teasing you with "yarns available in this colour", but unless you're looking for Lion Brand, it's not that helpful. No offence, Lion Brand, I just want more options.) Oh, and here's a bonus tool: Tin Eye works the other way around, giving you photos that match a shade or combination of shades of your choice. Not sure how that helps me, but it's really fun.

I snapped this last autumn as an example of the surprisingly intense and varied colours I kept seeing. Deep plum, hot pink and cornflower blue aren't really what I associate with October (but now they're my favourite autumn shades).