Introducing the moebius cowl that's as fun to say as it is fun to knit!

Here's my first ever kit design, using one of my desert island yarns – Die Vielfältige ("the versatile one"), from Swiss dyers woolworxx. It's a fingering-weight bluefaced Leicester, gradient dyed in fantastically zingy colourways (or indeed in the slightly more rustic, seventies Flic Flac, created especially for Purzelbaum). It's luxuriously soft and earthily woolly at the same time, with a loose spin that really lets the BFL show its best side. (I'm gushing about this yarn because I love it just that much. Those of you know me from Purlescence will know that I get really excited about great yarns, and this is one of the very best.)

I've mentioned this project before; it's the one thing that has gone smoothly this year. Soooo smoothly, the design coming together effortlessly in the back of my mind as I worked on other things. It's been nothing but fun from start to finish. And I'm extra proud of having translated it into German – my first pattern auf Deutsch! (Yes, I translated it myself, then had THREE native German speakers correct my weird Deutsch. It needed a lot of correction.) 

You know about moebius knitting, right? A moebius strip is a mathematical concept – using a half-twist to create a form with only one side and one edge. Moebius knitting takes that mind-bending trick and plays with it. I knew from the start I wanted to design a moebius with this yarn, because of how the colours would radiate outwards. The half-twist also creates a particularly elegant drape! 

The kit will be for sale at the Swiss Wulle Festival this weekend – or you can order it online from woolworxx as of Monday. Stay tuned for a moebius cast-on tutorial here on the blog.