Here be dragons: Haku and Chihiro cowls

My new design is actually two designs – two cowls, each using the same dragonscale stitch pattern, but adapted to different styles. Haku is the more grown-up version, beaded and glamorous, with silky yarn giving it a liquid elegance.



Chihiro uses fatter yarn and simpler shaping for a quick, unisex gift knit that's equally suited to kids and adults. 



Both are rated intermediate, though there was some discussion as to whether Chihiro could better be described as "adventurous beginner". There's nothing complicated going on here, just basic increases and decreases, but the stitch pattern does require close attention – all my testers agreed that stitch markers are really helpful here! 

Haku is priced at €4.50 and Chihiro at €4.00, but you can get the set for €6 (no coupon required). If you want just one pattern, using the code INSTADRAGONS will get you 20% off until Sunday 29th. Happy dragon hunting!