GAL2017: Colour me busy

Every year I think I don't have time to knit much in the Giftalong, and every year I get swept up in it and do more than I expected. No big things, and not a lot objectively, but a fair bit for someone with other stuff going on (toddlers, designing), and a lot more than I planned! Wanna see?

2014 was the first year I got sucked in. I started with the 2hr Artist's Loop, which was as fast as promised and a great solution for the beautiful art yarn I'd been gifted. Then the hats happened – three of them. And socks (for which I never took a decent picture, sadly). And finally, I started Emily's fantastic Hap cardigan, which was enormous fun to make and which I wear *all the time*.

GAL 2014.jpg

Then in 2015 I used a pattern I'd bought in 2014 to make the Cuppa Tea Cowl, followed that with the Bias Cowl and Twit Too mitts. I kept the last two for myself. It's allowed you know. 

GAL 2015.jpg

And last year… things got silly. I had a new cousin coming, and a bunch of really stressed friends who, I decided, needed something fluffy to laugh at. This is a sign of how the GAL gets you: I hate knitting toys. But all this happened. Birdboots (so fun! so adorable!), Owl Mug Cozy, Splat Cat (ahahahaha) and Puffy the Dragon.   

GAL 2016.jpg

This year, I'm back to selfish knitting, and no more toys! Come see how I'm getting on and show us your own makes in the Miranda's Lounge GAL thread.