Introducing Nullkommanix

Just like last year, I've made a little present for my newsletter subscribers. It's a simple cowl pattern – no fancy stitching, just a fun and useful way to use that tricky quantity of super-bulky yarn. 

look left600.jpg

"Nullkommanix" means next to no time – 0.0 seconds – which is about how fast you can make this! It's worked flat and twisted to form a moebius loop. Elongated garter stitch helps you get the most length out of limited yardage, while tutorials for the backwards loop cast-on and Kitchenering in garter stitch help you to get an invisible join with minimal effort. 

If this is just what you need to whip up a last-minute present, or indeed to treat yourself, you can sign up here. My newsletter goes out every two weeks, and as you can see from past issues, there's some fun stuff in there!