Zeigitag 9.6.17: two steps forward, one step back

The thing about creative work is that progress doesn't always look like progress. Sometimes you have to undo everything you've painstakingly accomplished – even when you love it. And that's ok. It still moves you forward. 


I've been working on this design in Wolff & Schafe Romulus, and it's practically perfect. I love how the yarn is working up. It's a pleasure to knit, and these brioche lines are so graceful. But it can be even better. The decreases leave room for improvement. I'm not sure I chose the perfect cast-on. And there's a flat-out mistake or two. (Spot the misplaced increase up there?)

So this morning this beautiful piece of knitting has been returned to two beautiful balls of wool, and I'm just fine with that. I get to do it all again, knowing that I'm on the right track, but can do better. It's all good. 

Psst: yes, I've made some changes here. Most of my personal posts have been moved back to my old blog. Which isn't quite ideal – you might see some ads there, I'm sorry – but it's okay for now. This space will be kept for sharing my design work, and I'm hoping to do more of these in-progress posts. It won't be every week, because I'm just not able to work at that great a pace, and sometimes my projects will have to be kept under wraps until release. But when I can, I'll show my work. 
Oh, and I couldn't resist borrowing the Swiss word "Zeigitag". Sure, I could have just said show and tell. But Zeigitag sounds more fun.