Zeigitag 2.7.17: gloves CAN have fingers!

One of my favourite things to make is fingerless gloves – they're fun, they're cute and they're very practical. (If you're sceptical, I get it, so was I. But in fact, keeping your pulse point warm is about all you need for warm hands. And you get to keep your fingers free and knit!) So that was as much excuse as I needed to avoid the challenge of knitting real gloves, with all their 10 fiddly fingers. 

Since I don't like admitting I'm actually scared of a challenge, though, I decided to step up and tackle Emily's Anagach from Lost in the Woods. Plus, they gave me a chance to play with combining five colours! And I do love colour play.

I can report that:

1. Gloves are indeed fiddly, but not as much as I feared, and worked up a lot faster than expected. Even fancy colourwork light fingering-weight gloves.

2. I definitely need to work on my technique for colourwork in the round. I knit these inside out – it's a great way to keep your float tension even; but it did mean that I didn't get a clear view of the end-of-round transition. Which was fine up until the thumb gusset, but then things got a bit hairy. I struggled with tension on the increases, basically. So that needs practice.

3. Apparently I also need to work on knowing how long my fingers actually are. Middle finger on the right hand is way too long and I'm way too lazy to fix it. Yes, I am embarrassed to admit that I'll knit an entire pair of fancy colourwork gloves and yet shy away from ripping back and reknitting just like half a centimetre of one finger, but there you go, I'm a mystery. 

4. Conductive thread works and is great! Yay smartphone gloves! My 8yo reckons I should have added it to every finger, just for consistency, but I'm happy with the distinctive two-finger thing.