Zeigitag 5.8.17: Thielenbruch

I finally finished my Thielenbruch while on holiday. I started in November – my first Lost in the Woods project (other than my own designs, of course!) and I couldn't wait. But I ran into yarn issues. 

My original plan was to use red, purple and silver. I had only half a ball of the purple, so that was to be just an accent; mostly it would be red and silver. Lovely. But for a while I wasn't making much progress (because of working on other, more urgent stuff), and meanwhile I started to worry that the silver was a bad idea. I decided I didn't want to risk having the red bleed all over it, so I needed another yarn. But what?

I have an extensive stash. I wouldn't even consider buying new yarn for this project. But I couldn't settle on any other yarn that made me really happy when combined with the red and purple. So my poor shawl sat in limbo for aaaaages. By which time I completely forgot that the purple wasn't a full skein, and brightly decided to make it a two-colour shawl! The red and purple were so fabulous just by themselves!


By the time I was a few repeats into the edging, of course, I'd realised there was no way the yarn would hold out. And I was gutted. Back to the drawing board... I found some purple and berry variegated yarn that looked beautiful with this, and thought I'd won, until I realised far too late it was completely the wrong weight. Not even close. DK instead of fingering. 

At which point I basically gave up and grabbed the first fingering skein that looked almost passable and you know what?

It's way better than passable.

Yeah. I don't know what took me so long either.