A glimpse of sunshine: Simmer Blink

Spring is tantalisingly close, but we still have far too much grey, and not enough colour. Simmer Blink is here to help with that. (The Scottish name means “a glimpse of sunshine on a cloudy day”. Isn’t that perfect?)

January was a bit of a struggle for me. (Honestly, isn’t it usually?) This shawl was exactly what I needed to get me through. It’s a really soothing knit; just a simple knitted-on lace edging, garter stitch stripes and occasional eyelet bands, but the shifting colour arrangements keep it from being boring.

My favourite thing about this one – apart from the huge fun of playing with lots of colours, constantly mixing them up – is that after the first section, there are no stitch counts. None. Every stripe is worked in either 4 or 12 rows (the edging is also a 4-row pattern), and every 4 rows add 2 stitches, so you always have an even number to work the eyelet rows on – and if you don’t? If you’ve missed an increase or a decrease somewhere? That’s fine too. Just work a k1 instead of the final k2tog, no one will ever know. You really can’t screw it up.

Simmer Blink uses gorgeous woolly 4-ply yarn from the Knitting Goddess, in Joy’s vibrant colours: a 100g mini-skein set in five shades, plus one 100g skein for the background. It invites colour experiments; you could do a two-colour version, or try more or fewer mini-skeins. If you’re at Edinburgh Yarn Festival this weekend, go hunt down your perfect shade combo from Joy’s stand; she’ll have the sample there to inspire you (along with Zivatar, and I think a Simmer Blink of her own!), and of course plenty of gorgeous mini-skeins.

It’s worked as an asymmetric triangle, but mine turned out as a crescent, because of the sharply increased edge pulling tight. The pattern includes instructions for tweaking the edge for more give, if you do want that triangle shape. It also includes extensive notes on working a two-colour version – a number of my testers did this and the results were beautiful. I’m planning a second blog post to walk you through the various colour possibilities, because there really is so much you can do.

It’s available at 20% off until Monday night, no code needed. I hope it brings you some spring joy.