Introducing Wraparoche

It's been half a year since my last release, but never mind that, at least I have something suitably juicy to kick off knitting season!

Wraparoche is a very satisfying knit. You can make it with two skeins of whatever you have to hand – as long as each skein is about 100g and about the same weight. The sample uses Wolff & Schafe Romulus (a really lovely, squishy merino worsted!), but the pattern includes instructions for fingering or sport weight, and a worksheet to figure out your numbers for any other gauge. 

New to brioche? No problem. This pattern includes notes on how two-colour brioche is worked and how to read the instructions, plus photo tutorials on the special cast-on and cast-off techniques used. (Stay tuned to see more of that on the blog.) Some of my testers were brioche novices, and their feedback helped me make sure that everything you need to know is included. They also agreed with me that once you've got set up, it's a really enjoyable, semi-mindless project – potato chip knitting, as one of them said!

I find it's hard to stop brioching, once you start. It's wonderfully rhythmic, creates such a deliciously squishable fabric, and the colour possibilities are endless! If you haven't been won over yet, what are you waiting for? 

I have a 40% discount for you, my lovely readers – just use the code WRAPANEWS. Happy knitting!