A knitting or crochet pattern is a delicate thing. It needs to clearly convey a great weight of information. It needs to entice with its beauty. And it needs to be printable by the home user. 

I create pattern layouts to suit your aesthetic and the needs of the customer. My key aims are clarity and usability, but also the individual touches you need to support your branding and make sure your designs look irresistible. 

I can also create professional charts and schematics to complete your pattern, and write winning blurbs to romance your customers, or well-informed yarn and equipment reviews to provide content for your blog. 

Choose between hiring me to produce each pdf, or designing a detailed template (Scribus, Word or InDesign) for you to edit yourself. 

I've worked with clients including Katya Frankel, Lee Meredith and the Knitting Goddess Joy McMillan, as well as on UK magazines Yarn Forward and Inside Crochet, and other publications.

For rates and availability, or to see examples of my work, please email me.